Tribury Dental Customizes Care Perfect for Your Smile

DenturesEveryone has a smile that is completely unique. This means that each person deserves custom dental care, to give them a bright smile and good dental health that they can maintain as they get older.

At Tribury Dental in Middlebury, CT, we understand that many of our patients come to us with worries about their teeth, and need solutions that they might not even know are available. With our experience diagnosing, preventing, and treating common age-related dental health conditions, we can help you address your dental concerns quickly and effectively.

Dental Care and Aging

Dental issues that come with aging are part of a natural process that happens to most people, even those in perfect dental health. Quality dental care from Tribury Dental may be easier than you think. Natural wear over many decades can often be corrected or minimized with fillings, crowns, implants, or dentures. As the years pass, people are also more likely to suffer from common dental or mouth conditions such as:

  • Xerostomia (Dry Mouth), often due to daily required medications for other health concerns
  • Periodontitis, commonly referred to as “gum disease”
  • Gingival Recession, or the gradual exposure of the roots of the teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity, making it more difficult to fully clean teeth regularly
  • Increased drug sensitivity, which can complicate dental procedures

Gum Disease

If your teeth are troubling you or causing pain, the caring staff at Tribury Dental is ready to help. We are proud to have the most reliable dentists in Middlebury and surrounding areas.

Effective Preventive Dental Care With Tribury Dental

Regular attention to your teeth and mouth from a qualified dentist like Dr. Nicole Mariano is key to getting control of existing dental conditions, and helping to prevent others from becoming a more serious problem. Once people regain dental health with our assistance, many are surprised to learn how easily they can maintain the health of their gums and teeth by simply brushing and flossing regularly, and seeing a dentist twice a year.

Choose Tribury Dental for Comprehensive, Caring Dental Treatment

We at Tribury Dental think that our patients deserve the best solutions to their dental problems, no matter how complicated. That means that we will:

  • Talk to you about your needs
  • Ensure your comfort during all exams and dental procedures
  • Perform a comprehensive exam
  • Discuss possible treatment options
  • Complete a treatment plan efficiently and accurately

At every step of the process, from the very first consultation to a follow-up appointment to see how you are doing, we put your concerns first. If you need a Middlebury dentist, we’re the professionals you can trust.

Getting older often means that you need a little extra dental care. With Tribury Dental, you can perfect your smile and keep it for years to come. If you have questions about age-related dental conditions in the Middlebury, CT area, contact us today!